The Company

Bolsaflex S.A.

Founded in 1986 in the Floresta neighborhood, we are a company with more than 35 years in the manufacture of Flexible Packaging.

With solid growth over the years and constant reinvestment in continuous improvement, we were able to expand our operating capacity in a new plant in the Spegazzini Industrial Park, with the incorporation of new machines that will allow us to improve the quality of our products.

Our objective is to actively participate in the production chain of our clients, developing, producing and delivering excellent quality containers in the shortest possible time, thus adapting to the high demands of the market.

To meet these requirements, we have highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art technology achieved through a permanent investment in machinery and equipment, certified in the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 management systems, allowing us to satisfy the requirements of our clients with a level of excellence in the final product.

Bolsaflex S.A. is no stranger to concern for the environment and the future of the new generations, that is why we are strict in complying with the rules and we focus on the research and development of new packaging with a view to a more prosperous future.

Innovation, flexibility and service to adapt to each client are our main strengths as a Company.


The Mission of Bolsaflex S.A. is to provide flexible packaging produced with high quality, safety, high productivity and cost efficiency.


The Vision of Bolsaflex S.A. is to be a supplier of excellence in the flexible packaging market.


Management and Quality

At Bolsaflex S.A. we assume as a permanent commitment to satisfy the requirements of our clients with the endorsement of having certified the standards.

Our laboratory has qualified personnel committed to the pursuit of excellence with cutting-edge equipment and tools that allow it to meet the comprehensive quality objectives proposed in our Management Policy.

– Comply with the requirements of the clients, legal and applicable regulations.
– Partner with qualified suppliers.
– Promote the development of employees by providing continuous training and recognition in their work.
– Consolidate safe work environments avoiding risks to the safety and health of the personnel.
– Take actions to preserve and avoid contamination of the environment.
– Maintain a strict level of hygiene of the place, equipment and personnel involved.
– Prevent contamination and preserve the safety of processed products.
– Train and make the operators aware of the relevance and importance of their contribution to the safety of the manufactured products.
– Contribute to the construction of a more welcoming world by creating a better and more humane company on a daily basis, responsible for its impacts and proactive with respect to its environment.
– Develop continuous improvement in quality, environment, food safety and energy performance.
– Satisfy the needs of our clients and applicable stakeholders.
– Acquire energy efficient products and services.
– Disseminate the content of this Policy to interested parties.

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